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bit. >> it's cozy. >> how are you doing this morning? >> i'm okay. >> we have patchy fog out right through. mostly clear in the valleys. temperatures in the 50s. we have cooler weather coming our way. we will talk about that in a moment. >> on the road, just the overnight road work that we're seeing right now. both directions of 880 between washington and hyde street. we will tell you when it will wrap up in a little bit. >> thanks, you guys. it is 4:30. we begin with breaking news in san jose. firefighters are at the scene of a two alarm fire at a hair salon. it is on the west side near the border with cupertino. firefighters arrived to find the building engulfed in flames. they went in defensive mode, pouring water on the building from the outside. crews had the fire under control in about an hour.
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however, the spa is a complete loss. so far investigators have not been able to go inside to see what is left of the building because it's too unstable at this hour. they say the cause of the fire does not appear to be suspicious. the building appeared to have room for three businesses, but the salon was the only tenant. fresh new freeway will greet south bay commuters this morning. crews spent last night painting over the excessive graffiti on the highway. it has been an eyesore for thousands of drivers. but union pacific agreed it was a problem and agreed to pay for the cleanup. caltrans scheduled a team to stop traffic on 101 and hazmat teams cleaned up waste left by
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squatters. >> it was a matter of folks doing the finger pointing. we tried to get everyone convinced about the fact that it is all of our responsibility. >> two levels of fencing have been installed to keep the taggers from repeating their work. the search continues this morning for a 9-year-old bay area girl reported missing from their vacation home. she is autistic and unable to speak and is said to have the mental capacity of a one-year- old. her family says she is attractive to water but cannot swim. public safety officers and volunteers have been searching the waters that run past their vacation home. >> we have come up with absolutely no clues of her where abouts as of yet. >> she was reported missing
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sunday afternoon. police say she had been playing outside with her younger brother who ran inside when he was chased by a bee. it was then that police believe she wandered off. >> the father of 12-year-old murder suspect says he will believe his son is innocent until he sees evidence that proves otherwise. the boy is accused of stabbing his 8-year-old sister to death in their home. counselors have been at the children's school to help students deal with the news. >> all of the hugs were really like getting to them. you feel like you want to curl up and cry. >> the father of both the victim and the suspect had planned to speak with reporters today but the news conference has been canceled. we're learning the man murdered in berkeley hills was gunned down for trying to play peace maker. the 21-year-old was with friends on sunday morning when
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he stepped in to break up a fight. 20 minutes later, one of the fighters returned and shot santana several times. >> like a coward. it's a coward move right there. >> he had to go and get a gun. >> he's like, what, 200 pounds. >> he's a lot bigger than my brother. >> uc berkeley police are looking for the suspect described as a 200-pound bald hispanic man. one of hollywood's biggest stars has life-saving surgery. why angelina jolie had a double mastectomy even though she didn't have breast cancer. >> it's a shocking admission. it's known as a preventative mastectomy. it can prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer in women who are at a high risk of developing the disease. she wrote in the new york times
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that her mother fought cancer for almost ten years before dying at the age of 56. she says it wasn't an easy decision but she had her breasts removed in february to reduce the risk of the disease. she explains, my doctors estimated that i had an 87% risk of breast cancer and 50% risk of ovarian cancer. i chose not to keep it private because there are so many women that do not know that she may be living under the shadow of cancer. it is my hope that they will be able to get gene tested and if they have a high risk, they will know that they have strong options. she writes should he knows she carries the quote, faulty gene that increases the risk of developing breast cancer and
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ovarian cancer. scientists at uc berkeley were the first ones to find evidence for the existence of this gene. we caught up jagger in berkeley. she is the executive director for the department and heads the fight to get women tested for the mutation. >> it is known as the breast cancer gene. some mutations are linked to an increased link for breast cancer. people with that increased risk may choose to undergo surveillance or surgery. >> the cancer institute says that it may reduce by as much 90% the chance of developing breast cancer in moderate to high-risk women like angelina jolie. >> how effective is this surgery in preventing surgery. >> the data suggests that the
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surgery may reduce the chances of developing breast cancer by 90% in high risk women. you should always talk to your doctor before making a decision. >> that was a big decision. thanks. it is 4:37. our first check of weather. and we are in for a pretty good week, i bet. >> yet. we will start to see the temperatures cooling down. and the sea breeze will be a factor. we are starting out the day with a little less fog. we will see sunshine around most of the bay area today. weak system sliding through, helping to move out the clouds and the fog moving on through. you see it sliding by. not enough to bring us rain but it will help mix things up in the atmosphere. fog hugging the immediate coastline. not too bad over the bay. the temperatures right now generally in the 50s. similar to yesterday for starting temperatures. by the afternoon, we will be
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similar as well. 84 degrees in livermore. about 73 in oakland. a little breezy in san francisco at 64. about 80 in vallejo. the temperatures will be cooling down over the next few days and the winds will be kicking up. right now, check out the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. outside we're going to start you out with this live look at the golden gate bridge. obviously traffic coming out of marin county into san francisco is cruising right along. one car heading towards the pancake. northbound by the way they should have two lanes open to traffic. the east bay, this morning we're seeing road work in both directions of 880 between washington and hyde street. it should be picked up in the next 20 minutes. no big delays heading southbound through the maize. continuing towards the oakland airport and hayward, over the bay bridge, upper deck traffic into san francisco looks good.
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it's the eastbound direction on the lower deck, several lanes are blocked off heading towards treasure island. >> 4:39. the teams planning to compete in the america's cup in summer will meet later today. they have called the meeting to review the circumstances of last week's fatal accident in the bay. they will study all of the data captured from the accident to get a clear accident of the chain of events. a memorial is growing for the america's cup sailor killed on the bay. simpson died when the boat cap sized and broke apart last thursday. his death prompted the german youth saling team to withdraw from a youth cup race this september. team germany said it didn't want to take the risk. encouraging news about a survivor of the deadly bridge fire. they have upgraded the condition of the woman to good. no word when she mighting released from the hospital. a bride and four of her friends
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died when the limo burst into flames earlier this morning on the bridge. more scrutiny on the defective bolts on the new bay bridge span. the federal government is starting to look into the matter. federal highway administration wants to know what went wrong and what caltrans is doing about the situation. >> i think it's a healthy process for us to look at. you know, for the public to really understand. because it's very important that the public feel confident that the organizations and institution that's are serving the public are doing so in the very best way. >> as of now, the target date for opening the new span is still labor day weekend. it is 4:40 on your tuesday morning. why students may have to pull out their wallets to
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graduate. >> it's exciting and intimidating, but it's an opportunity that you can't pass up. >> and in a city plagued with crime, what oakland's new top cop thinks about the task before him. and a big bear scare. what happened when the bear came face-to-face with a group of swimmers down in southern california. there they go. there they go. ,,,,,,,,,,,,ht back. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar. everyday, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. >> we've got a bear scare down in l.a. county. the cub was on the run making herself right at home in a neighborhood in la canada. that is the kids running for safety. fish and wildlife officers tranquilized the bear. oakland's third police chief in less than a week is talking about his new job. acting chief is a 17-year-old veteran of the department and replaces anthony who stepped down just days after replacing
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the retired howard jordan. and there's no doubt that there are tough times for the opd. it shrunk by 200 officers in the past few years. there are fewer officers in key units like the robbery and homicide departments. >> we actually are working on a training plan for investigation division that will help. we intend to increase the staffing in the investigation division as our staffing goes up. >> the department is reeling from a city-issued report led by an independent consultant who was critical of the opd. so much for a new police chief in san jose has been put on hold until at least the summer. they are committed to finding the right fit for the city. for now larry will stay on as their acting chief in san jose. 4:44.
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another check of weather. i guess we're going little bit good. >> the nice thing is we're going to warm up for the weekend. >> the weekend looks terrific. >> once again it's going to be the nicest few days in the next seven. cooler weather on the way for today in spots. the breeze will be picking up. that's the main story for the next couple of days. the sea breeze kicking in toward the afternoon. a few low clouds inside the bay. mostly clear in the valleys. temperatures generally in the 50s. breezy towards the coast. 60s for high. and in the valleys we will see temperatures as high as the mid- 80s. but things are changing. high pressure weakening somewhat. we have weak systems sliding through. one moving through overnight, probably a few more clouds and mixing some of the low clouds and fog that passed on by. with that in mind, we will keep the temperatures down in spots. still hot in the central
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valley. 95 in fresno. yosemite could see some storms there. the winds will be kicking up, especially in toward the afternoon hours. fairly calm now. but as we head towards the afternoon, again, the winds, sea breeze blowing at 20 miles per hour. in san francisco, 22. you get the idea. gusting along the coastline and some of the mountain gaps. temperaturewise we're looking at 77 in san jose. east bay temperatures up in the mid-80s. and inside the bay you will feel the sea breeze about 64 degrees. about 73 in oakland. next few days we are going to cool down the temperatures, probably bottoming out on thursday. and then the temperatures warm up and the weekend is looking good. those temperatures moving up into the upper 70s, even some 80 as we head to sunday. >> i see 90 towards the back
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end. thank you, lawrence. we are only seeing that overnight road work. no big hot spots out there. we will show you some of the live traffic cameras. we have them all around the bay area. the right side is the westbound 92 leaving hayward. pretty quiet all the way towards foster city. the rest of the bay area bridges if you're crossing the bay bridge, the upper deck towards san francisco, that is all looking good. it is the lower deck. eastbound 80 they are doing overnight road work there like they did yesterday as well. heading out towards treasure island, several lanes blocked off. looking quiet on that s curve. and if you're heading out of town, maybe catching a flight, we have a camera at 101 and south airport boulevard. headlights are southbound. this is northbound traffic. as you can see both directions coming through south san francisco and continuing toward san bruno look good at this hour. if you're commuting down towards walnut creek, all
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green. that is a check of traffic. frank, back to you. >> 4:47. the finger pointing is expected to escalate over the irs scandal. they admit that they flagged applications from politically conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. president obama spoke about it for the first time calling the situation outrageous and saying that someone needs to be held accountable. >> i have no patience with it. i will not tolerate it and we will make sure that we find out exactly what happened. >> senator marco rubio is among those calling for hearings and investigations into the matter. governor brown will release the revised spending plan today. it will reveal a revenue wind fall. california's cash flow is as much as $5 billion better than january projections. and because of various propositions passed over the years, most of that money could go to education. some california universities have a new way to get extra
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money out of students. csus are charging a $75 fee to participate in graduation ceremonies. add machine stray tores say the cost of renting facilities for ceremonies is not covered by tuition. but some students say it's just unfair. >> we worked this hard to graduate and get through it, why should we have to pay to participate. >> keep in mind that the tuition that we collect every term goes into the academic side of the house so if we were pulling from that to sponsor the little ceremonies, we would be taking money out of the classrooms. >> we posted a list of the csu campuses charging graduation fees. you can go to our website pecktures are showing you how ariel castro kept the three women hidden for so long. the images taken by a neighbor show a yard cluttered with bashed wire and thick chains. even a child's bicycle is in
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the back there. others show how castro had boarded up windows of the home and hung mirrors so he could see the driveway. and the philadelphia abortion doctor convicted of first degree murder will find out later this month if he will face the death penalty. he was found guilty of involuntarily manslaughter in the overdose death of an abortion patient. minnesota is expected to become the 12th state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage. the governor says that he will sign it into law. the minnesota senate approved the freedom to mary account yesterday days after it passed the house. same-sex couples would be able to mary starting on august the 5th. well, it's 4:50. we're just getting started here. coming up, sketchers settles a lawsuit over shape-up shoes. and why prescription drugs could become more expensive depending on where you live. and a film maker slamming
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disney. the bad message that he says one of the movies is sending to young girls when we come back.
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>> checking out your pollen count for the day. we have moderate amounts of pollen out there. a cooldown on the way too. coming up. >> flashing lights across the golden gate bridge. trying to get more commuter lanes open to southbound traffic. in the meantime things are flowing nicely across the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. >> future tradings suggested -- it was a mixed day yesterday despite an encouraging economic report on retail sales. the dow fell about 27 points while the nasdaq gaped just 2 and the s&p 500 hit another record high. and prescription drugs
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could become a lot more expensive depending on where you live. industry analysts warn expensive specialty drugs such as those used to treat cancer could cause patients thousands more under the health care reform law. california patients would pay up to 30% of the cost while in new york state they would pay a maximum $70 copay. thousands of people that bought sketchers toning shoes are about to get your money back. they approved a settlement with the company. the company mislead consumers by making false claims that the shape-up shoes would help lose weight and tone muscles. the deadline to join the class action suit was april the 18th. a disney character known for being a head strong heroin looks different. not everybody is happy about her new look. a bay area film maker is
4:55 am
calling the makeover atrocious. we sat down with brenda chapman who says that disney should be ashamed. >> reporter: she is strong, independent and can shoot arrows better than any man. she is a role model for little girls everywhere. and then disney gave her a sexy makeover. >> tons of makeup on and has this come hither look. she has a tiny waste and bigger breasts. >> reporter: disney officially named meredith to the princess collection this past weekend, joining the ranks of snow white and cinderella. not what chapman envisioned when she made the film brave for pixar. >> i wanted her to be complete by being who she was. >> reporter: who she was was
4:56 am
chapman's daughter's emma. >> i don't understand what disney is thinking about when they -- i don't understand why, like what is wrong with the dress that she wears, what is wrong with it? it's not girly but it's meredith. >> brave won an oscar, golden globe and grossed $500 million. she gets a do-over. online pea to try to change disney's mind pushes for better images of women in the media. >> it's a lovely fight. >> it's all about issues for girls. >> reporter: but disney can't be swayed, saying the new look is the same, strong and determined character. well, yes, she is. kpix 5. >> and this is not the first time that children's toys have been sexed up. check out strawberry shortcake
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here. quite a change. dora the explorer dropped a few sizes and she is wearing lip stick. caltrans says they figured out a solution to the bay bridge bolt problem. why has it turned into a federal case. why angelina jolie had surgery to prevent a type of cancer. that coming up. >> reporter: i'm live in san jose where a fire destroyed two businesses. we will have more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> this is kpix 5 news. >> behind me, what is left of two businesses destroyed by an early morning fire. we will have a live report from san jose. >> angelina jolie makes a life- altering health decision. the surgery that she had to prevent an early death. >> we have a couple patches of
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fog. winds will be picking up. we will talk about that coming up. >> traffic stacking up a bit. your latest drive times coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may the 14th. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle has the morning off. and we begin with breaking news down in san jose. a salon burns down on the west side of the city. the fire started three hours ago and firefighters are still on the scene. melissa is there to bring us now the very latest. good morning. >> good morning, frank. we are on sharon drive in west san jose. the fire broke out around 2:00 a.m. and it took firefighters an hour to get it under control. i do have the fire captain with the san jose fire department. what more can you tell us? there's two buildings destroyed; right. >> one building but two businesses within that one building. when we got here this morning, the building

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